Aiming For the Wrong Target

Obviously, it is morally wrong and a direct insult to America for Muslims to build a mosque (Cordoba House) that near Ground Zero that celebrates what the Muslims see as an “Islamic victory”.  The very name is in honor of an Islamic victory over Christians in Cordoba, Spain in 711 A.D.

What I don’t get is the misplaced rage. You expect a dog to act like a dog, a cat to act like a cat, and a Muslim to act like a Muslim. One rightfully expects these 7th century barbarians to do exactly what they did in building a mosque at Ground Zero as a celebration of the heinous crime.

Why, then, is our anger (and media/blog coverage) not directed at the person and company who sold the land to them, the architect designing the buildings, and the subcontractors and suppliers? They knew what they wanted it for, and had every right not to lease it to sell or lease it to them.

The land was owned by Steven Pomerantz (who died in 2006) and leased by Burlington Coat Factory (the building they had at 45 Park Place was destroyed on 9/11). Pomerantz’s widow, Kukiko Mitani, sold the property to Soho Properties (a real estate investment firm who is also the general contractor for the mosque), who told Ms. Mitani it was for condos (but who supports building a mosque there) in July 2009 who then sold it to the Cordoba Initiative.  In addition, half of the property (47 Park Place) is owned by Consolidated Edison (ConEd), who is trying to sell the property to the Muslims.

Soho Properties’ Chairman & CEO is real estate developer Sharif El-Gamal. His partner is Nour Mousa, the nephew of Amr Moussa, the Secretary General of the Arab League.

Why aren’t conservatives asking people to write Kukiko Mitani, ConEd, and Soho Properties in protest? Who is the architect for building the mosque? Who are their subcontractors and suppliers? Why are they not being publicly named, and blacklisted?

Folks, that is how conservatives do things. We find the people responsible for legalized wrongdoing, make the facts known, and ostracize them.

Listen to the so-called conservatives who express outrage, but never mention those who knowingly allowed this to happen.  You have to wonder if these so-called conservatives are just stirring up the issue for their own selfish fund raising and ratings.

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