Do Social Issues Belong in a Campaign?

I will try to explain something in hopes that those of you who don’t think abortion and homosexuality belong in the mix of issues will understand why a lot of us do. I do not expect you to change what you think is important, but to understand why we do.

Underlying fiscal-based conservative beliefs is an immutable moral code that says it is wrong for government to be too big, too powerful, too controlling, and that it is wrong to confiscate – by force – the private property of individuals beyond what is minimally necessary to carry out the Constitutional duties of government.

Underlying security-based conservative beliefs is an immutable moral code that says it is right to defend the citizens and property (public and private) against outside and inside threats.

Underlying personal liberty-based conservative beliefs is an immutable moral code that establishes what individual rights and responsibilities are, and government’s role in protecting them and not infringing upon them.

Without a comprehensive, immutable, moral code, which traditionally and historically in the United States has been Judeo-Christianity, those beliefs can be redefined to fit whatever the shifting moral values of a people’s lower natures dictate.

In that immutable moral code, the killing of an unborn child, aside from a direct and imminent threat to the mother’s physical life, violates the right to life of that child.

In that immutable moral code, homosexuality is an unacceptable behavioral choice that harms both the practitioner and those who love them, in the same way that adultery and fornication are and do.

Once we decide that we can take God’s place and rewrite that moral code to fit our image, we no longer have a reliable moral code on which our rights, liberties, and responsibilities rest. The government becomes god, and then decides – without limit – what is right and wrong, what is just and unjust, and what our rights, liberties, and responsibilities will be. We build our nation on shifting sands rather than solid rock.

We as a nation may well go that direction, and when and if we do, the natural consequences will be another age of darkness and the loss of our rights, freedoms, and property.

If you do not consider social issues of any consequence, that is your right to do so. However, why do you think you have the right to tell others that they cannot, and should leave off the abortion/gay comments ? I respect that some of you may not wish to discuss social issues, but you cross the line into intolerance and liberalism when you tell others not to.

I don’t know any conservative that focuses only on social issues, or elevates them to the exclusion of other issues. Every social conservative I know is strongly for small government, less government spending, less government control, and fewer taxes – just as much as they are for not having the government sanction the killing of unborn babies or the practice of homosexuality. I do not know any social conservative who wants a theocracy, but instead favors the original American concept of a civil government that does not inhibit the practice of religion, and where no religious sect as an organization has any governmental authority.

However, here is an example of what secular conservatism has brought us in Georgia, and I suspect there is more to come, when we ignore the “social issues”.

Without that immutable moral code, liberties are always in danger.

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