A Candidate’s Pledge

Here is something simple any of us can ask of our candidates for office (national, state, and local) to see if they are worthy of our vote. Any voter could put this in an email or letter, send it, and see who responds and how. One might be surprised at those with the courage to take a stand, and those who dance around this with the talent of Fred Astaire, or speak volumes by their silence.

I was reminded the other day of the honor pledges at West Point and the Air Force Academy, as well as the Honor Concept of the US Naval Academy, and derived this list of pledges applicable to national, state, and local office seekers.

A Candidate’s Pledge
I will not lie, cheat, commit fraud, steal, or be involved in moral turpitude, or tolerate those who do.

I resolve to do my duty and to live honorably in my public and private life.

I will seek to abolish any law, not vote for any legislation, nor support any government action that:
► Requires taking money from one person to give to another who has not earned it, outside of anything not clearly proscribed in the US Constitution, the State Constitution, or local government charters as they apply to the office to which I am elected.
► Seeks to inhibit the free personal expression of religious faith by any citizen, whether that expression is public or private, and whether that citizen is a government employee or not.
► Seeks to further sectarian religious control over government.
► Seeks to inhibit citizens from interacting with the government, participating in government, or petitioning their government, because, in whole or in part, of their religious beliefs.
► Seeks to diminish the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United States, or elevate any other non Judeo-Christian religion, including humanism or atheism, as an integral part of our American heritage or the foundation of our laws and American culture.
► Seeks to take, or aid in taking, an innocent human life, including the unborn.
► Seeks to increase government power over the individual.
► Seeks to diminish individual liberty or responsibility.
► Seeks to restrict the second amendment rights of any citizen that has not been convicted of a violent crime or crime involving the use of weapons to further the crime.
► Seeks to spend one dime more than is absolutely necessary to meet the Constitutionally mandated requirements.
► Seeks to tax one more dime than is absolutely necessary to meet the Constitutionally mandated requirements.
► Seeks to engage in “nation building” or any other use of our military outside of these principles: directly engaging an enemy, who is an immediate or eminent threat, with overwhelming force, without regard to national borders, to the purpose of acquiring an unconditional surrender, and then leave with the promise of a quick and fierce return should they once again become a threat or allow a threat.
► Leaves the United States vulnerable to external threats.
► Leaves our military unprepared or insufficiently prepared to meet and defeat our enemies on multiple fronts if and where they exist.
► Provides amnesty or any route of citizenship or legal residency to a person who is currently in the United States illegally.
► Provides any government assistance to a person who is currently in the United States illegally other than a one way ticket back to their homeland or emergency medical service that ends with a one way ticket back home.
► Seeks to reduce or eliminate the investigation and prosecution of individuals or companies who hire illegal aliens, and I will seek to increase the investigation and prosecution of those who employ illegal aliens.
► Takes, by force, private property from owners unwilling to sell, for the purpose of increasing tax receipts or for those who stand to profit from the taking.

In addition, I pledge to abide by these three rules of thumb:
► Does this action or legislation attempt to deceive anyone or allow anyone to be deceived?
► Does this action or legislation gain or allow gain of a privilege or advantage to which I or someone else would not otherwise be entitled?
► Would I be unsatisfied by the outcome if I were on the receiving end of this action or legislation?

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