Sarah Palin Mistake?

(I wrote this prior to the 8/10/10 runoff election on my FaceBook Notes tab)

Sarah Palin made a serious mistake in endorsing Karen Handel. Karen is a liberal Republican, and the only Republican gubernatorial candidate not endorsed by Georgia Right to Life.

Handel has a record of big spending when she was in Fulton County government.
Handel has a record of looking for government to solve problems, not the private sector.
Handel lied about graduating from high school (she received a GED).
Handel supports the gay agenda. She was a member of the Log Cabin Republicans and lied about it until her lie was exposed.
Handel is weak on the right to life, having spent large amounts on Planned Parenthood, freeing up other money to fund their abortion clinics. Handel also believes it is OK to kill an unborn baby because the mother was a victim of rape or incest. Handel supports embryonic stem cell research, where conservatives support the only stem cell research that works – adult stem cells.
Handel’s campaign ads were blatantly sexist (i.e. elect me because I am a woman and they are not).

Sarah Palin is opening herself to being exposed as a Rockefeller Republican by endorsing this “John McCain in a skirt”. It makes Sarah Palin look like a sexist for endorsing Handel only because she is a woman – a markedly liberal thing to do.

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