What I Wish Nathan Deal Would Say…

“My fellow Georgians, there have been some issues brought up about my past Congressional votes, and rightly so. I am a consistent conservative, and I want to address past votes that do not fit with that set of beliefs.

Yes, I did start my political life as a Democrat. I did so at a time when the choice was to run as a conservative Democrat or a Rockefeller Republican. When it was clear that the only home for conservatives was the Republican party, and that it was beneficial to both my district and my political life to do so, I switched to the Republican party. Having been re-elected several times, I surmise my constituents agreed. I was wrong to vote for bills that involved bigger government. I was wrong to vote for “No Child Left Behind”. I was wrong to vote for TARP. However, I was right to vote for Bill Clinton’s impeachment, and right each and every time I voted for smaller government and less spending. I have learned from my past errors, and I will not run away from acknowledging them. I also will not waste your time here with a laundry list of my honorable opponent’s inconsistencies and errors. To paraphrase the greatest President of the 20th century, I will not hold my opponent’s record of failure and inexperience against him.

If you elect me as Governor, I pledge to do all I can – and if you give me a conservative Legislature, all we can – to limit State government to what the Constitution requires (thus reducing spending and taxes), to focus on increasing liberty, to protect Georgians from an overbearing federal government, and generally get government out of the way so Georgians can improve our state in ways greater than we can describe.

I will not pledge to create jobs, because government cannot create jobs – only destroy them. I do pledge that once we have reduced spending to what the Constitution requires, then and only then will we look at significantly changing the state tax code.

I do pledge to support intermediate changes to the tax code that make sense. For example, no business pays taxes. That is a con job we politicians have pulled on the taxpayer for too long. Any tax on business ultimately, and rightly, is passed along as what it costs to provide goods and/or services. I will support the end of taxing businesses in Georgia, and allowing the free market to pressure businesses to pass along those savings to their customers.

I pledge to fight the negative effects of the teacher unions, and aim for the money we collect in taxes to follow the student to the schools their parents choose.

I pledge to find and push for the elimination of stupid laws that hurt business or favor certain businesses or organizations.

As for the accusations that I have illegally used my office in the past to line my own pockets, I state clearly that I have never done so. If I benefited from my business doing business with the government, as many businesses do, it has been because we were legitimately the best choice. I hereby pledge that if any criminal activity on my part is proven in a court of law, I will resign and take whatever punishment the court provides. However, I will not surrender to innuendo and false accusations that the left so often likes to resort to when they cannot win on the issues. I pledge to put my assets in a blind trust, effective the day I am elected, so that I can avoid the appearance of impropriety in the future.

I pledge to do all I can to resist illegal immigration in Georgia. If you are not here legally, you are a criminal, and not welcome in this state. My primary thrust will be to go after employers who employee illegal aliens, whether as a nanny, as farm workers, or a large corporation’s low paid workers – and to hell with what the Chamber of Commerce, George Bush, Obama or John McCain thinks about it. Once we put a few people in jail for hiring illegals, you will see the jobs go back to Americans and the illegals go elsewhere. I will direct the Sheriffs to do all in their power within the law to detain any person found, in the course of processing them for another crime, to be here illegally until such time as they are deported.

I will do all I can within the law to protect the lives of unborn babies, and to not allow government to sanction or affirm immoral lifestyle choices, such as homosexuality or adultery.

However you choose to vote, I implore you to vote your conscience. That is not just your right, but your duty as a citizen of the State of Georgia.”

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