How To Burn the Qur’an

Much has been made in many circles about the Florida preacher whose small, 50 member independent Pentecostal congregation plans to publicly burn the Qur’an.

I would like to offer this five step process for the proper way for Christians to burn the Qur’an.

  1. Set aside an hour.
  2. Select passages from the Qur’an that are especially objectionable and illustrate the violent nature of the religion, and in particular the lack of mercy and grace.  They are not hard to find.
  3. Select passages from Scripture that show God’s way of love, mercy, and grace.  They are easy to find in both the Old and New Testaments.
  4. Contrast the darkness of the Qur’an passages with brilliant light of Christ found in the Scripture passages.
  5. End with a prayer for God to work through the Holy Spirit to convict the hearts of Muslims worldwide and in your community to see the true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and to know His Son, their Savior and Redeemer.

Remember what it was like as a child to use a magnifying glass to focus the sunlight on a dead leaf and burn it?  Then use the magnifying glass of Scripture to focus the Sonlight on the dead Qur’an.

The way of Islam is violence and hate.  The way of Christ is love and peace.

There is yet another process for burning the Qur’an.  This process can be done every day, and doesn’t need a dedicated place to occur.  The light of Christ can shine through you every day, in every place.  How we live our lives in obedience to God, and insofar as possible, in harmony and peace with our unsaved neighbors, can burn away the grasp of hate the Qur’an and Islam have on your Moslem neighbor, coworker, or other associate.  A Christian life lived in sacrificial love, honor, courage, virtue, and humility is the tool of choice for the Holy Spirit to do His work in the hearts of unbelievers.

As Christians, we know that Christ is the only way to heaven and the only way to know God.  We know that the Scriptures are the only holy books, and that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the one and only true God.  We know that other religions (Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, etc.) are false religions and serve false gods.  But with Islam, many Muslims want to serve the God of Abraham, but have been misled as to who He is.  The “Allah” of the Qur’an they serve is not Him – he is a false god.  But they can know the true God through the Christ that shows in you.

The barbaric violence of Islam, the 7th century mindset, should never be underestimated.  But the power of the love of Christ to transform is an even greater power, especially when used by Christians in love and service to God and through Him, love and service to others.

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