Want to get a general idea of what this blog is about? Well, here ’tis.

First, to answer a question I get ocassionally, “What does MSBassSinger” mean?

Bass Singer – One of the things I do for my Master, Jesus the Christ.

I make no pretense to know all about all.  That is the domain of God*** alone.

I write with confidence that what I am writing is in harmony with Scripture, for there exists no higher authority. Being mortal, I know that I will err from time to time. While I am confident, I also know that I have a responsibility to be open to correction. Show me where I am wrong in terms of Scripture and/or indisputable fact, and I will gratefully accept correction.

That being said, from where I stand, my nation has been running away from the Judeo-Christian basis on which our civil government and our society has been based since the Pilgrims landed, and especially since the 1st Great Awakening gave birth to our separation from Great Britain.

Once we were a nation where individuals could worship, practice, and assemble as they please for whatever religion they wanted, the societal mores and values of America were based on Judeo-Christian principles. Even non-Christians like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and Harry Truman understood that America could not be America without that basis for society.

The design of our founders, stemming from the Pilgrims’ form of government, is that civil government was to be non-sectarian, and was to have no say in how religious organizations were run, and in how individuals practiced their religion. Likewise, no church organization was to have any authority in government. Any influence of the church was to compete in the open marketplace of ideas with all other concerns. In short, one’s denomination cannot have any authority in government, but members of a denomination have the same rights of access to, involvement in and with, and treatment by, their government as any other citizen.

That model was predicated on the American people largely being a religious (Judeo-Christian religious, to be specific) people. That attribute of American society at large is no longer the case, and thus I do what I can as one man to address the issues of the day from what, I hope, is a Christ-like perspective.

One last word – I welcome comments, even contradictory ones. However, when a comment is either so poorly constructed as to be gibberish, or contains vulgarities, personal insults, ad hominems, or false or misleading information (to name a few), it will be removed with no reply. Write respectfully of others, advance the discussion, and we will all benefit.

*** When I use the title God, I mean specifically and exclusively: the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Great I AM, who is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – who is one God. He has revealed Himself in the canons of the Old and New Testament, which are the only documents in which He has revealed Himself. I use the term “Old Testament” to mean the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh), which consists of the Torah, Nevi’im, and Ketuvim.